WaveMaster™ Technology


We are not horns!

Works on the flue gas volume:

WaveMaster™ Acoustic Cleaning is about energizing the flue gas in large sections of the boiler system, to create conditions that are advantageous to remove existing deposits over time and then keep things clean 24/7.

This is the only technology that can clean inside tube banks, or clean the intermediate layer of a regenerative air preheater.

Adjustable Frequency:
optimized performance

Everyone agrees lower frequencies work better, but only we can tell which frequency works the best.

The difference between optimum conditions and  complete dissipation is often not more than a few Hertz.

Adjustable Intensity:
more power when you need it
less when you don't

Acoustic impedance of a boiler system changes as the internals get cleaned up.

No reason to keep running the Acoustic Cleaners as if things are still loaded with deposits.

3D finite element modeling

We utilize state of the art modeling tools to determine optimum performance in the target cleaning volume.

During the design phase we determine what frequencies and locations are necessary to create the desired acoustic effect.