2 WaveMaster™ Acoustic Cleaners are doing an excellent job keeping the convection section clean on a continuous basis.  A job tens of 50' travel sootblowers cannot match.

Executive Summary


WaveMasterTM Acoustic Cleaning:

  • Sound waves work on the flue gas not on tubes/elements

  • Prevent accumulation of fireside deposits

  • Remove existing deposits

  • Uniform non-directional effect throughout a large volume



  • Improve thermal efficiency

  • Reduce differential pressures and save fan HP

  • Reduced or eliminated need for sootblowing

  • No need for off-line cleaning

  • No opacity excursions


Even works in traditional difficult applications!

  • staggered tube banks, and

  • extended surface tube banks, and

  • PRB type deposits


Complete Acoustic Cleaning solution:

  • economic feasibility study

  • custom engineered design

  • all Acoustic Cleaners can operate continuous

  • frequency selection and installation locations are based on science

  • free cleaning evaluation

  • personalized service and best of all Made in the USA